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Natural Solutions Wildlife Enterprises

Click to enlargeAllow us to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Natural Solutions is a multi-faceted wildlife oriented company focused on helping people and wildlife exist together more peacefully. Me and my staff have over twenty years of experience in animal and avian behavior.

We believe, that through action, education, entertainment and by reducing the stresses and pressures that build between humans and wildlife, we can do our part in helping nature coexist with our rising population and development.

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The services we offer are predominatly but not limited to:

Bird Control: Naturally maintaining manageable populations of waterfowl and other avain pest species in conflict with comercial and residential properties.
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Education/Entertainment: Bringing people one step closer to understanding and appreciating the wildlife and natural areas surrounding us.

Pet Bird Rescue: Providing a safe and stimulating sanctuary for troubled and unwanted pet birds.
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K-9 Rattlesnake Avoidance:Protecting our beloved pets from dangerous encounters with rattlesnakes.
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* Please note: Although we have pictures of falcons on our site, Falconry Abatement is not currently an option we can offer. Even though we are accomplished Bird Trainers and Abatement Falconers, we do not currently own any falcons at this time. We hope to make falconry abatement an option for next season.

Natural Solutions Wildlife Enterprises
Phone: 760 464-6792

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